Biomass & Forage Quality Lab

The Biomass & Forage Quality Lab focuses on the production and utilization of biomass cropping systems. Biomass cropping systems evaluated include perennial grasses along with high yielding annuals, i.e., sorghum, kenaf, and corn varieties. Currently, the research group focuses on biomass cropping systems, but still remains active in forage based research projects.


The Biomass & Forage Quality Research Group (led by Dr. Ken Moore) evaluates alternative biomass crops at the field/small-plot production scale and utilization by laboratory techniques to assess biomass quality.

Field research includes studies to evaluate short- and long-term rotations, perennial cover crops, and management strategies for biomass cropping systems in the Midwest. The Biomass & Forage Quality Lab works with several industry partners and government sponsered programs.

The research lab focuses on biomass and forage quality analyses. ANKOM Fiber analyses to determine cell wall components for biomass quality, total non-structural carbohydrates as a method to determine reserve energy stored in the vegetative tissues, and dry matter content for adjustments.