Graduate Opportunities

Graduate Students

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Department of Agronomy
Distance M.S. in Agronomy

The Biomass & Forage Quality Lab is seeking highly motivated MS and PhD students to join the Department of Agronomy. Dr. Moore is a member of the Crop Production & Physiology major and the Distance M.S. in Agronomy major.

Our research focuses on perennial grasses and annual biomass crops that can be used in diversified cropping systems. Field research and labratory studies are used to understand crop growth and phenology, developing practices for biomass crop production, and seasonal changes in biomass cropping systems.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Undergraduate students with an interest in biomass crops and their uses are encouraged to apply for experiences in the lab. Volunteer positions are available any time for students wishing to increase their research experience. Please contact Roger Hintz directly to explore research opportunities.