Ken Moore

Agronomy Professor
Office: 1571 Agronomy Hall

Education History
A.A. Glendale Community College. 1977.
B.S. Agriculture. IArizona State University. 1979.
M.S. Agronomy. Purdue University. 1981.
Ph.D. Agronomy. Purdue University.1983.

Personal Website
Agronomy 526 Website


Roger Hintz

Assistant Scientist III
Office: 1496 Agronomy Hall
Cell: 515.231.1230

Education History
B.S. Agronomy & Ag. Mechanization. Iowa State University. 1990.
B.S. Seed Science. Iowa State University. 1991.
M.S. Crop Production & Physiology. Iowa State University.1995.

Curriculum vitae & Full Biography (.pdf)

Research Statement

Having a District Conservationist with the USDA Soil Conservation Service as a father and growing up in the hill and cattle country of southwest Iowa, I was exposed early and often to the importance of preserving our natural resources. I also got to witness first hand as a child during the 1970’s, the rediscovery of native warm-season grasses and the multiple uses of these dynamic plants in both an environmental/ecological perspective and a modern production agricultural view as well. I didn’t quite understand the pioneering work being done by father and others in their crusade to cure the woes of soil erosion and lack of pasture productivity during the hot summer months or the amount of press he received at the time with his strange “new” ideas. It just seemed like a really good idea, even to a five-year-old who could at that age realize the rarity of a “win-win” situation. As the years passed and my knowledge of the environment and agriculture and their sometimes antagonistic relationship grew, I realized more and more the importance of keeping the harmony of these squabbling siblings. With my dad as my guide, he led me down this path that I still take in working with grasses to protect our resources and provide for us our needs.

Research Interests
My interests are many and varied. I still love the challenge of establishing warm-season grasses and many other forage and small seeded crops. There is still a lot to be learned about successful establishment practices and I am more confident than ever that there is no one best single way. The biggest research interest for me right now is helping to develop a living-mulch cropping system to grow continuous corn for biomass production.