Soybean breeding

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In order to feed the growing population, food production needs to almost double by 2050 (FAO, 2009). This increase in production will likely have to come from a generally static agricultural field footprint in an increasingly variable environment. In order to achieve this goal of increased production, we need to develop strategic approaches and utilize optimum tools. Increased production will come from maximizing yield/land unit, yield protection against biotic and abiotic stresses, sustainability (by minimizing input resources without compromising production while being environmentally conscious), and superior food and feed quality.


We are a plant breeding, discovery, and development research group. We develop soybean cultivars for commercial production (maturity groups late I, II and early III) and unique germplasm lines for breeding and research applications. We are proponents of bringing useful genetic diversity into the soybean gene pool to increase the rate of genetic gain.


Group members work on research project(s) that complements the breeding pipeline.


People: All members of the breeding and research group participate in this activity.