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The recent pace in genomic data output requires coordinated advancements in phenomics to remove phenotyping bottlenecks. The advent of high-throughput phenotyping (HTP) capabilities allows research questions and breeding targets to be more adequately handled and addressed. The use of HTP and digital and hyperspectral imaging have opened new doors in research for more precise and timely phenotyping which complement the genomics capabilities. Advanced computational analytics, particularly machine and deep learning, is improving at an exponential rate. We are using these tools in genome-wide association(s) and prediction(s) which lead to genomic selection of improved cultivars. Some of our other research projects are geared towards better harnessing the genetic diversity, gene discovery, and the development of better selection tools.


Phenotyping and Genotyping tools: manned ground vehicle, aerial imagery through unmanned aerial systems, spectroradiometer, hyperspectral cameras, GPS-enabled equipment, SNPs, qPCR, RNA-seq and GBS, and genome editing.


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