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Emily Heaton

I consider myself to be analogous to a soybean agronomist in Iowa in the 1930's. I work on an interesting plant from Asia (Miscanthus), that is about to be really important in the Midwest USA. I don't just focus on Miscanthus, though, but rather on developing energy crop portfolios and management strategies that are targeted to the growth environment and ultimate end use of the crop.

Hiking, reading, Caveny Farm poultry, time with family, good bourbon

Curriculum vitae (.pdf)

Google Scholar Profile

Nic Boersma

Program Coordinator III
Office: 1521 Agronomy Hall
Lab: 1232 Agronomy Hall
Email: nboersma@iastate.edu
Cell: 515.294.2417

Education History
B.A. Northwestern College, Orange City, IA
M.S. Iowa State University
Ph.D. Iowa State University


Research Statement

Growing up on the farm in Iowa, I have always been interested in crops and agriculture. I quickly recognized the importance of farmers in the U.S. and how they help to feed the world. I have always been interested in how things work and how they can be improved. I took this characteristic to college, and discovered the questions I wanted answers to were not written in text books any more. This led me to the field of science and research. My goal is to always be involved in exciting and relevant research that will positively impact our society and the world, and to continue asking questions and trying to find answers.

Research Interests
Energy Crop Production in the Midwest
Effects of stand age on Miscanthus x giganteus physiology
Miscanthus x giganteus establishment and propagation


Danielle Wilson

Assistant Scientist I
Crop Production & Physiology Lab
Office: 1523 Agronomy Hall
Lab: 1415,1426,1513, 1514, 1522, 1528 Agronomy Hall
Email: dwilson@iastate.edu

Curriculum vitae (.pdf)

Research Statement

I manage the CP&P Lab in the Department of Agronomy. My general interest is centered primarily on crops for bioenergy and sustainability. I have been working with biomass crops for 10+ years with my interest starting at age 15.

Research Experience

I earned my M.S. in Crop Production and Physiology in May 2012. My research focused on internal nitrogen cycling in switchgrass to determine the spatial and temporal distribution during a specific time of year. A brief comparison to corn was made to show the impact of continuous corn production compared to switchgrass for bioenergy purposes. Additionally, switchgrass from 5 harvest dates were used in thermochemical conversion, i.e., fast pyrolysis, using a free-fall reactor to determine the influence of switchgrass harvest date on the yield, nitrogen, and ash of fast pyrolysis products.

Mauricio Tejera

Graduate Research Assistant, PhD candidate
Office: 1234 Agronomy Hall
Email: mauri@iastate.edu

Research Statement

I grew up in Uruguay, a small country in South America. Science has caught my attention since I was a child. My natural curiosity about how ecosystems work led me to start a biology education where I had a strong background in theoretical ecology. I later enrolled as an agronomy student for a M.S. program. During this time I used those theoretical concepts to improve farming systems. My M.S. research focused on improving forage mixture production by incorporating warm season grasses. As a PhD student, I want to center my scientific efforts to increase food and energy security, as well as environmental sustainability. I also want to go further in my statistics knowledge (Yes, I like statistics!!). I thoroughly wish to be able to use my natural curiosity and enthusiasm to solve world production Ag. problems.


Jacob Studt

Graduate Research Assistant, MS candidate, co-Advised with Marshall McDaniel
Office: Agronomy Hall
Email: jstudt@iastate.edu

Current Members

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  1. Valeria Cano Camacho, Iowa State student
  2. Collin de Graaf, Iowa State student
  3. Perla Carmenate, Iowa State student

Past Members

PhD Graduate Students

  1. Nic Boersma, 2013 PhD Plant Biology

M.S. Graduate Students

  1. Ruth Burke, 2016 M.S. Crop Production and Physiology
  2. Zaib Muhammad, 2012 M.S. Crop Production and Physiology
  3. Danielle Wilson, 2012 M.S. Crop Production and Physiology

George Washington Carver Intern

  1. Dayana Carrera, Iowa State student (2016)
  2. Valeria Cano Camacho, Iowa State student (2015)

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  1. Alex Degaetano, Iowa State student
  2. Jen Hill, Iowa State student
  3. Glyn Powell: Agdia, Inc.
  4. Collin Coon: Novozymes
  5. Gabe McCoy
  6. Brent Berns: Syngenta
  7. Josh Grindeland: ITC Holdings Corp. - Cedar Rapids,IA.
  8. Brooks Campbell: Jacobi Carbons
  9. Amber Goff: formerly at the Univeristy of Kentucky
  10. Nick Ohde: Practical Farmers of Iowa - Ames. IA
  11. Nicola Forrest
  12. Calvin Culp
  13. Ashley Greve: Quality Assurance Engineer at XL Specialized Trailers
  14. Dustin Schau: Michaels Energy - Cedar Rapids, IA
  15. Alex Maeder: Crop Production Service - Creston, IA
  16. Anthony Martin: Iowa Soybean Association - Ankeny, IA
  17. Brian Pfeiffer (Honors Student)